The 35th Annual

Georgia State WIT Rally

April 19 - 22, 2007

I hope that you all will enjoy looking at the pictures. Using Internet Explorer with your sound turned on you will hear a different song with each page. Please let me know what you think of the web site and any comments about the rally. I will pass the rally comments on to the next rally committee and I will consider suggestions about the web site. Please visit often to see what is happening with our Georgia WIT chapters.

                                                                                               Fred Tomsett



How does a Rally happen?

Who can I volunteer

to do all this work?

Durango Doug Ralston (State President of Georgia Winnie Rebels)

Volunteer number one!

The Queen Princess. 

Ronnie Padgett does a little bit for the rally like process all the reservations for campers and vendors, make up the rally packets with meal tickets, puts the money in the bank, pays all the bills, answers everybody’s questions, played Minnie Pearl in the show and more, and more ………………………..


The rest of the volunteers are in

No Par-tic-u-lar order


Jim Simpson


and Photographer

John Cowan

Door prizes

and Entertainer

David Stainback

Facilities Coordinator

and Sound man

Myra Stainback


Linda Tomsett


John Huelsbeck

Barn Builder

Barry & Joy Vlad

Square Dance

Tom Wilson

Scheduling and

Dinner starter

Brenda Ralston

Gate person & crafts

Ronnie Padgett and

 JoAn Blankenship

Fred Tomsett

Publications and Entertainer

Franklin Jackson

Bingo Guy

Grant & Kathy Baldwin

Ice Cream social

The Georgia Winnie Rebels WGAWIT Radio Players

Doug and his other brother Doug

       Tom Padgett                            Tom  Holloman                                            Tom McHaney

Parking, cooking and other stuff

Don Stroud   Roy Sowers

Photographer   Photographer

       & Rally Pins




Goodie bag stuffing

Round and round we went

There were many more helpers that you will see

 in the rest of the rally pictures.

Let’s get the Rally Started!